Astaura designs interiors for Ast's purpose built Penrith HQ

If you've visited Ast within the last three years, you’ll have experienced the living, breathing entity that is The Box. Measuring a whopping 21,000 square feet, this striking purpose-built structure was co-designed by Managing Director Mark Aston and Astaura Director Gary Cranson.  

Part office, part manufacturing hub, The Box's dynamic interior boasts a unique open-plan design that gives both visitors and staff a truly transparent view of the business. Previously housed in four separate industrial units, Mark’s vision for the new Ast HQ was to bring everyone and everything together; nothing separated or compartmentalised.  

Together, Mark and Gary created a working environment that links the whole business in one fluid space; each area designed for optimal efficiency while also making a bold statement.  Determined to create something both quirky and completely unique, every element of the design was carefully thought out: from the bespoke, digitally-designed floor tiles and etched glass finishes that echo the Ast branding, to the beautiful, one-of-a-kind oak reception desk, designed personally by Mark. Not to mention the show-stealing fairy light tree that towers magnificently above visitors and staff as they enter. 



“I still get blown away by The Box today. As soon as you walk in, it’s just WOW. It’s such a cool place to work and because it’s all open plan, you can hear everything - all the machinery at work, the people chatting and the music playing – it really gives you the sense that the building’s alive! Like it’s got a soul,” said Astaura Director Gary Cranson. 

“Everything you see at Ast has been inspired by my own travels and upcycling," explains Managing Director Mark Aston. "It’s an expression of my personality and how I like to do business. It’s very important to me that nothing is hidden behind walls, so visitors can see the printers and the people working and have a transparent view of the beating heart of the business.” 

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