Embroidery and Branding Services

At Ast we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. To reflect this we offer a full embroidery service for any client looking to clothe their staff, team or colleagues. Embroidery is one of the most popular choices when providing uniforms for staff; this is down to the high grade finish of the logo. You can see and feel the high quality stitching which immediately gives a brand logo the professional look it deserves.

What is embroidery?

Embroidery is the art of decorating materials and fabrics using needle and thread. This is traditionally done by hand but to ensure top level quality, service and speed we now have state of the art embroidery machines that will take a given design and embroider it to the given fabric. This can be done in a short amount of time, making it a great choice for large orders.


Are there any benefits of embroidery?

The first benefit of embroidery is the quality of the finished product. Nothing shouts quality more than a work uniform with an embroidered logo. The feel of the logo, the colour quality and the longevity are all key points when considering having your logo embroidered onto your chosen product. Another benefit to embroidery is how long the logo will last. As with other forms of branding workwear, embroidery will endure more washes than others and in certain conditions will actually outlast the material it was embroidered on.

Don’t have your own logo ready to use?

One of the biggest benefits of choosing Ast for your workwear embroidery is our design team. Does your company have an idea for a logo but haven’t implemented it yet? Do you already have a logo but it isn’t ready to use? Do you not have any logo’s to use but still want to use our services? Well, Ast is here to help.

We have a full team of dedicated designers who are here to help you design a logo for your brand or simply enhance a logo you may already have. Once our team has identified your logo needs we can then create a graphic file that can be applied to any of our services throughout the site. For more information on our design service simply fill in a contact form and we will aim to be back in touch with you as soon as possible.