Pirelli Hospitality Units Wrapped by Ast Transport Branding

The Pirelli hospitality unit plays an important role at all the Formula 1 race meetings. Pirelli are the sole supplier of tyres for F1. The hospitality unit consists of two sliding trailers and the reception area is located in the middle of the trailers. Ast Transport Branding's Avery and 3M approved fitters have fully wrapped the units in black carbon fibre vinyl. The Pirelli logos that you can see are full colour printed graphics that have been wrapped to the top of the carbon fibres.

The carbon fibre can be easily removed once Pirelli have finished with the units or would like to change them. The hospitality unit is wrapped in the same material as the 11 scania tractor units and the 9 trailers that we have previously wrapped for them.

The unit travels round the world to all of the F1 rallies; the upper tier of the unit is used for offices and the engineers, plus marketing and media relations. The lower tiers are used for storage and also contains a fully equipped kitchen.

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