Ping Off to Europe With Help From Ast Transport Branding

The PING trailer is off on the European tour again with the help of the Ast Transport Branding graphic designers and Avery and 3M approved fitters. The updated wrap was re-designed by our experienced designers; based on the design that you can see on the current Ping golf club shafts. The PING trailer took 18 months of development and now appears at all PGA tour events. It's used as a mobile workshop and is a place for staff and players using PING equipment to visit and get new equipment and repairs etc. Take a look at the video posted by PING to see the trailer on tour.

The PING Mercedes cab was wrapped at our premises in the North West by our Avery and 3M approved fitters. It was printed in full colour cast vinyl with a protective over laminate. If you decide to have your vehicle wrapped for an advertising campaign or branding purposes it can be easily removed unlike if you were to have the vehicle painted. It also won’t cause any damage to the original paintwork.

The team at PING were pleased with the new vehicle graphics: “The new wrap seems to have universal approval both in PING and on tour. A job well done.”

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