Carbon Fibre Pirelli Trailers for Formula 1

Pirelli have recently replaced Bridgestone as the sole supplier of Formula 1 racing tyres. It is the first time they have achieved this role in 20 years. They enlisted the help of Ast Transport Branding who have wrapped 11 Scania tractor units and 9 trailers for them in black carbon fibre vinyl. The vehicles were originally painted yellow. Pirelli decided to have their hospitality vehicles wrapped this time to make an impact. The full vehicles were wrapped in carbon fibre with a full colour printed Pirelli logo applied to the headboard. Everything was produced at our premises in Cumbria. Some of the Pirelli units were wrapped at Widnes and our Ast Transport Branding Avery and 3M approved fitters also travelled over to Germany to wrap the trailers. 

Pirelli said "the trucks look brilliant" and "the quality of the work is very good."

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