BMW X5 Matte Grey Colour Change Wrap

Do you want to feel that you have just been to the garage and bought a new car without the expense of buying a brand new one? A client of Ast Transport Branding has just had that feeling. Their originally blue BMW X5 has been wrapped in 3M matte grey vinyl and all of the silver trim has been wrapped with matte black vinyl. The car was wrapped at the Ast Transport Branding head office in Penrith by 3M approved fitters.

From the pictures you can see the process that the fitters go through to wrap the vehicles in vinyl. The vehicles need to be clean and dry before anything can be wrapped onto it. Colour change wraps are very popular and can be removed at any time should you wish to revert back to the cars original colour. When the vinyl is removed the paintwork will still be in its original condition.

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