Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Can I choose to wrap just part of my vehicle?

A. Yes we can provide a part wrap.  We often wrap just the back doors and sides of a vehicle. There are lots of ways in which we can optimise your budget to create a great looking livery for you. We can use cut vinyl graphics as well as digitally printed images - some people choose to simply have cut vinyl logos and text which can be very effective and our large cut vinyl colour range means you can often match your company colours without having to have everything printed.


Q. How much does vehicle wrapping cost?

A. Vehicle wrapping can start from as little as £800 depending on the vehicle and how much of it you wish to wrap. You may wish to wrap everything on your vehicle, including the roof, bonnet and windows. Or you may wish to have a part-wrap which will obviously cost you less.


Q. Will vehicle wrapping damage my paintwork?

A. Vehicle wrapping will not damage your vehicle and we always thoroughly check your vehicle before wrapping to ensure your paintwork is in adequate condition.


Q. How long will the vehicle wrap last?

A. This depends on the option you choose. If you would like single colours this can last up to eight years, while our popular full colour digitally printed option lasts up to five years.


Q. Is the vehicle wrap easy to remove?

A. Yes our vehicle wraps are easy to remove. Many vehicle wrap products on the market are not easy to remove and because of this can actually damage vehicle paintwork. Our vehicle wrapping films are the best quality available and remove cleanly and easily.


Q. How long will you need our vehicle for?

A. Usually just one day, depending on your vehicle’s size. For any vehicle wrap it’s important that we have your vehicle in an enclosed premises the night before fitting to ensure it is completely dry and relatively warm when we start work.


Q. Can you wrap our vehicle at our premises?

A. Yes, we can do the fitting at any premises so long as it’s covered and heated. The 3M warranties that we offer on vehicle wraps depend on using the correct facilities so it's essential we fit our wraps in an enclosed and dust free environment. We have fitting premises across the UK and can always find a convenient location wherever you are based.


Q. Can you wrap the front side windows of a vehicle?

A. No, the law prohibits wrapping on driver and passenger windows as well as windscreens.


Q. Does it matter what colour my car is to begin with if I want to wrap it?

A. No it doesn't. A car wrap isn’t translucent, you can't see through it so you can wrap any colour vehicle as long as the paintwork is in relatively good condition.


Q. Can you wrap a fibre glass or chrome bumper?

A. Painted plastic bumpers can be wrapped without any problems but vinyl is not recommended on chrome or carbon fibre. You can however wrap vehicles in carbon fibre material.


Q. Can you wrap the roof?

A. Yes!

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