Shop Signs & Building Signs

If you require any type of external signage we can help. We offer a vast range including flat cut letters, illuminated signs, window graphics, door signs and hanging signs.


Signs using flat cut letters

We create our flat cut letters using a hi-tech computer-controlled router to cut out lettering and graphics from a wide range of materials and we can offer almost any shape or font. The rigidity of the high quality materials we use means that lettering and graphics can be raised from their background, providing an impressive 3D result. Our standard range of materials for flat cut lettering is as follows:



You can choose from either 3mm or 5mm acrylic, in a huge range of colours. Acrylic is translucent, which can give stunning results when combined with a lighting effect.



Available as standard in 3mm thickness, Dibond has a high-density resin core with an aluminium veneer on each side to make it incredibly strong, but lightweight. It is available in a variety of colours including brushed aluminium and gold and we are able to print directly onto the Dibond, or apply colour vinyl, to achieve the colour you require.



Foamboard is a lightweight closed cell PVC board that is very light and moisture resistant. It is available in 3mm, 5mm, 10mm and 19mm and tends to be used internally or for a more temporary measure. Flat cut letters are most effective when they are mounted on locators which raise the graphics approximately 18mm or 22mm from the background.


Hanging signs

As well as flat cut letters we can use a variety of methods to create an eye-catching shop or building sign for you. We have a range of double sided hanging signs to help you attract business from both directions of the street and can provide our signs with three different bracket styles. The sign panel itself can be produced in Foamex or Dibond and we can either print directly on to it, or apply coloured vinyl to create your design. 


We also specialise in front-lit and back-lit signs, using light-boxes and raised letters and these can be a great way for your business to be noticed at night. We offer window graphics too, so whatever signage you require, just get in touch and we can take care of every element for you.