For the ultimate statement in corporate branding, we can supply you with full colour digitally printed flags allowing great flexibility of design with the use of high resolution, full photographic images.



Guaranteed to make an impact and get you noticed at any event, Powerflags provide an eye-catching temporary display. Available in four sizes, from 1.8m to 5.3m in height, the flags are digitally printed on to a range of fabrics and can incorporate full colour images or solid colours to suit your requirements. Powerflag poles are made of lightweight aluminium that slots together with an aluminium or carbon fibre rod inserted in the top section, giving the Powerflag its distinctive shape. They are suitable for both internal and external use and so a variety of fixing and base options are available including a spike for use in soil, sand or snow, internal free standing, parasol and concrete or car base plate styles for use outside. Easy to install, the pole is supplied with a carry bag for easy storage and transportation making them ideal for exhibitions, trade shows and retail outlets - in fact any environment where you want your brand or promotional message to get noticed.


Flag poles

Our range of smart and durable aluminium poles is ideal for show home promotion and development sites and provides a cost-effective marketing solution. Available in 6m or 8m lengths, a standard two section white powder-coated pole is supplied complete with ground sleeve fixing, white truck head, cleat and halyard. Additional accessories for the pole include a gold finial for a more prestigious look, or a rotating banner arm. The banner arm is designed for use with a 1m wide portrait style flag, but we can cut arms to suit your needs.


Caring for your flags

Wind and Rain

If winds exceed 45mph, flags should be taken down from their flagpoles because if it is windy at ground level, it is much worse at the top of the pole.  Heavy rain will increase the weight of the flag and can cause unnecessary wear, especially in high winds.



The dyes used in the manufacturing process are all tested for UV stability, but salt and direct sunlight can have an adverse effect on colour.

Air pollution will cause white areas of a flag to become grey over time and unfortunately there is currently no way to stop this discolouration.



Damage to flags is often caused by objects beating against it in windy conditions, or by wooden flagpoles that do not have a smooth finish. Ensure that the halyard is taut at all times to reduce the risk of damage.



Never store your flag wet, always hang and allow it to dry fully before storing.  Flags should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment and a proprietary moth repellent should be used if storage is prolonged.


Washing and repair

Flags can be washed in a normal household washing machine on a 40 degree wash with normal detergent. Avoid the use of soda or bleaching alkali.  If the flag starts to fray, it can sometimes be trimmed back and re-hemmed, with the addition of anti fray material to prolong its life.


Life expectancy of flags

The life expectancy of a flag is impossible to predict as it is dependent on climatic conditions and hours of flying. Since most flags are either an act of courtesy (national flags) or for branding (company flags), it is best to keep them in top condition by maintaining them well and changing them regularly.