We offer a wide range of options for pavement advertising, from A Boards, to Swingers and Chalkboards.


Standard A Board

Our standard A Board comes in a white frame and has a double sided poster facility that is 500mm wide, by 800mm high. It has a powder-coated steel tube frame that is fully recyclable and its panels are made of aluminium. We can fit your A Board with full colour digital prints or cut vinyl text, depending on your requirements. The weight of our standard A Board is 9kg and its overall dimensions are 580mm wide, by 860mm high, by 700mm deep. 


Informer A Board

Our Informer A Board is a simple and effective A Board that comes in a white frame and has a double sided poster facility measuring 20" by 30" (508mm wide by 762mm high). This A Board has a simple poster change method via a hidden release hole. It comes as a white polyester powder-coated frame and has a magnetic edged anti glare PET cover which helps with poster security and weather resistance. The overall dimensions of the Informer A Board are 572mm wide, 924mm high, by 330mm deep.


Swinger A Board

Our Swinger also comes in a white frame and its gloss white panel measures 500mm wide, by 750mm high,  It can have a full colour digital print applied to it, or coloured cut vinyl and its solid black recycled PVC base provides great stability as it can be filled with water. The Swinger is very popular due its great design and engineering and it has a high health and safety rating due to its low centre of gravity. It's also easy to move in and out of store and weighs 15kg. 



Our Chalkboard is a high quality chalk A Board that comes in two sizes. It comes with reversible HPL (High Pressure Laminate) panels meaning you get four messages in one product and it has stylish locking arms for stability. It can be used with both soft chalk and liquid chalk pens and comes with a wooden frame or a black powder coated steel frame with self-leveling feet for use on uneven surfaces. The HPL chalkboard material is specially designed to stay looking new for longer and will never need repainting. Its panel sizes are 524mm wide, by 813mm high for the smaller chalkboard. The larger version measures 720mm wide, by 1069mm high.


Booster A Board

Our Booster A Board is a stylish poster A Board with a semi circular header for additional branding. It comes in white, black and silver and its poster frame measures 20" by 30" (508mm wide, by 762mm high). Poster access is easy via a hidden release pole and it also has locking arms to keep it secure. The Booster A Board has a magnetic edged anti glare PET cover that helps with poster security and weather resistance. Chalk insert panels and full colour poster inserts are available as extras and the overall dimensions of the Booster A Board are 600mm wide, 1165mm high, by 680mm deep.  



Our Sightmaster A Board is a stylish product that comes with a silver frame and grey base. Its snap open, snap shut frame means your poster can be changed quickly and easily.  The base can be weighted with water and comes with wheels, so you can position it easily. Its steel springs help give it extra stability by allowing it to move slightly in the wind and its posters are protected by anti-glare PVC covers. The Sightmaster A Board is available in A1, A0 and 30" x 40" poster size. 


We also offer a range of extras including chalk board inserts and full colour printed posters for the Booster and Informer A Boards at 20" high x 30" wide (508mm wide x 762mm high).


For more information on A-boards or to discuss your next project please get in touch.