Artwork Guidelines

We provide the information below as a guideline on our requirements for vehicle graphics and signage. Our designers can produce bespoke designs for you but should you wish to provide your own artwork please read and adhere to the following. If you would like any help at all please just give us a call on 01768 892292 and you can have a chat with one of our graphic designers.


Accepted files


Files can be supplied to us on the following media:



For vehicle graphics please always supply a printed proof of your artwork for your vehicle showing all sides of the vehicle that are to include graphics. Alternatively send us a jpeg proof of your artwork so we can check it. If a copy has not been provided we may need to send you a visual for your approval. All documents and full colour printed images need to be set up in CMYK format, we can convert any RGB files but we cannot guarantee the same results.

All cut vinyl work for vehicle graphics needs to be provided in vector based file format and saved as .ai or .eps format with all the fonts converted to outlines. Where possible these files should be scaled to finished size and the colours should be set to a Pantone solid coated reference.



All work should either be correctly sized (100% of finished size) at 150dpi or 25% of the finished size at 600dpi. Any images that contain small detail such as text smaller than 24pt should be saved at 350dpi at 100% or equivalent.



Images should not be embedded. Please supply them separately. For complex Photoshop files, a flattened image needs to be supplied along with a layered Photoshop file. This will enable us to make adjustments to ensure the designs and the graphics will fit.



Please include any fonts with your artwork.  Please do not embed them, please supply them separately or turn them all to outline to ensure there are no issues.



Please allow for a bleed of at least 75mm on all sides.


Vehicle outlines

We do have vehicle outlines on which we can base your vehicle graphics artwork. However, we always prefer to have the vehicle checked in person to ensure all sizes are accurate.



If colour matching to specific pantone references is important for your graphics, we can offer this service. Please make us aware that colour matching is important for your work so we can do our best to match to your paintwork or to the colour references provided.