J Edgar & Son Turn Heads with Mirror Silver Chrome Vehicle Wrap

If you're interested in your vehicle standing out from others, J Edgar & Son from Rowrah and Workington have achieved this with a mirror silver chrome vehicle wrap, the first of its kind in West Cumbria. The Nissan Juke was originally black and has been completely transformed in 3M silver mirror chrome vinyl. The process took place at Ast Signs' head office in Penrith where our team of approved fitters applied the vehicle graphics.

The beauty of the vinyl wrap means that once the garage would like to return the car to black, the vinyl can easily be removed with no marks to the original paintwork. J Edgar & Son have premises at Dumail Park, Workington and Rowrah; they are a family run business selling both new and used cars.

Full colour change wraps are becoming more popular for both business and personal use. If you would like more information on a colour change vinyl wrap please contact us.

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