15 minutes with... Kyle Bickley

Kyle Bickley stunned the world of speedway racing by dominating the sport from the tender age of seven. Now 16, Kyle is racing for multiple teams - including Manchester's Belle Vue Colts in the National League - all while studying for his GCSEs. Luckily, he still had time to chat with us about surprising secret phobias, his plans for the future and how Ast Signs has helped him along the road to speedway stardom. 




Coming from a family that contains a staggering four generations of motorsport drivers it comes as no surprise that Kyle watched his first speedway race aged just two years old. Soon playtime meant only one thing - running around in circles pretending to be on a motorbike and by the age of seven, Kyle was entering his first race. 


Quickly revealing himself to be a racing prodigy, Kyle won his first British title in 2010 after less than 12 months of racing, and later went on to win the Under-16 World Championships - twice. 


Ast Signs became one of Kyle's official sponsors in 2015, helping both him and his team cut a formidable image on the race track by supplying and embroidering their race uniforms and branding up his bike. 


"Early on I knew that all I wanted to do was race but back then we weren't making any money," explains Kyle. "Ast Signs have been so great over the years. They've made sure our bikes and uniforms look really proper and professional on the track. They've really been there for me."  


Until now, Kyle has competed in leagues for younger riders, but this year, he enters the National League and Championship - coveted titles where he faces older opponents with far more experience. He's not letting the pressure get to him though! 


"I'm just taking things one step at a time. I'm coming into the league now with an open mind. I'm just thinking about the next race and how I'm going to win it. It's a big change. These riders I'm up against now have so many clever tricks and strategies, so I've got a lot of work ahead of me to get up to where they are. It kind of feels like I'm starting at the beginning all over again." 


Ast signs Kyle Bickley

When we asked Kyle if he planned to try his hand at any other motor racing disciplines, he laughed: "I've tried road racing and it's so much fun, at least as a hobby - I just love the speed," enthuses Kyle. "The one thing I can't do is motocross. It's just going over all those big jumps – I can't stand the heights!" 


Kyle doesn't waste much time thinking about his goals for the year ahead – for him, it's all about training and improving. He's already clocking up some impressive performances with the Workington Comets and the Belle Vue colts, and he's eyeing competitions in Poland, Denmark and Sweden. Ast Signs remain a proud sponsor of Kyle and his team and we wish him the best of luck this year. 


To find out more about Kyle and to follow his results visit www.kylebickley.com


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